Interview with Harshit Prasad – A Long Time Contributor

Me – Hi, What is your name and Where are you from? Contributor – Hi Naveen! I’m Harshit. I’m from Jaipur, India. Me – Oh Great, I wanna ask you some Questions regarding Open Source. Are you Ready? Contributor – Yes sure. : ) Me – First Question, Which organization do you work for and for how long have you […]


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Interview with a Teacher

Me – What’s your name and Where are you from? Teacher – Dilhani Fernando, From Kandy Sri Lanka Me – Which Institution are you working? Teacher – K/St. Anthony’s College – Kandy Me – What’s your post on the Institution? Teacher – Subject Teacher – ICT Me – How do you know about the Google […]

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First Ever Task in GCI

Winning Google Code-In, My Dream since last November. I have written how I got into Google Code-In on my last blog. But I didn’t solve a single problem in 2016 due to unavoidable reasons. That means I am new to GCI. But before this Year’s Contest, I referred the Documentations, Rules, and Everything regarding GCI. […]

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