First Time in Google Code In with Fossasia

16055010Hello Everyone, This is my First Post in WordPress and this regarding my first ever experience in Google Code In and with FOSSASIA.

I have been a part of Fossasia’s Github Team for few months. But I didn’t get a chance to do anything. But now I feel happy about Contributing to Fossasia through Google Code In.

Seriously I didn’t have any idea about Fossasia, a few months ago. But One Day, I got a link from my Friend (Brother) about Codeheat. I was surprised and went through it. But due to some Personal reasons, I was not able to continue it anymore. So I was really upset and waited for another chance. Happily, the same Friend sent me a link to GCI. I took part in the GCI 2016 on the Last Day. But this time I got the Link earlier. I went to the Website. I saw the “Fossasia” Logo. Then after I didn’t see anything else. I clicked it and I went through the last year’s projects. They are really amazing. That day I decided to Continue GCI 2017 with Fossasia. Waited for about 3 weeks for the Registration Day.

It was mentioned that the Registration will start at 10.30 PM (According to our Country Time). That day I had school in the Morning. I came to home by 4 PM after attending the School. Thought about having a sleep but my mind was thinking about 10.30 PM. I thought about the Incident happened on the GCI 2016 (January 2016),

I registered with GCI and did all the Procedures and finally my Parental Consent Approval was rejected

I was deeply thinking whether the same thing happens in this year too. Time ran. When the Time was 10 PM. I switched on my Laptop and visited the GCI 2017 Official Website. Reloaded, Reloaded and reloaded for few minutes. As it is the end of the month, Internet Package in yet to over. So the Site started to slow down at about 10.20 PM. Quickly I ran to the Shop and bought a Data Card and accurately at 10.30 I registered my Self and started searching for the Tasks from the Fossasia.

All the Projects done by Fossasia is interesting. Especially the Open Event Web App and Susi.AI are my favorite projects. You can also join with Fossasia

Basically, I am an Open Source, Man. More than 80% of the Softwares that I am using are Free Open Softwares. In Our Country, Our ICT Syllabus educates Students to Use Open Source Softwares. For every Paid Software that you are using, there is an Open Source Software that fulfills the same function for free.

Well, I have both the Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu 17 and I use both the Libre Office and Microsoft Office. But rather than that, I use GIMP instead of Photoshop, Davinci Resolve instead of Premiere Pro, VLC Media Player, Team Viewer, Handbrake and etc. Stick to use Free Open Source Softwares, it will be useful in your life.

For Programming, I use their Respective IDEs. For Web Developing I won’t use Dream Weaver, simply I use Notepad++ and Atom for that. Even I use WordPress for CMS Websites.

You can Follow Me on,

Basically, I like to learn everything perfectly about Computer Science. But it is not easy. Now I am willing to learn about Artificial Intelligence, App Development and More on Programming.

Visit the Official Website of Fossasia from here –

Visit the Official Website of GCI of Fossasia –


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