First Ever Task in GCI

Winning Google Code-In, My Dream since last November. I have written how I got into Google Code-In on my last blog. But I didn’t solve a single problem in 2016 due to unavoidable reasons. That means I am new to GCI. But before this Year’s Contest, I referred the Documentations, Rules, and Everything regarding GCI. But I have never solved a Task.

It’s November 28th, I signed up with GCI and chosen Fossasia as the Organization. I have no idea of choosing a task. Every Task seems to be tough. I called my friend who is a senior participant in GCI. I asked him What task might be fine to start with Fossasia. He told me that Please don’t start with Fossasia. I was dreaming for Fossasia, So I asked why? He told that contributing to Fossasia is not easy and you will surely fail if you contribute to it. I didn’t mind his words.

I surfed down for tasks on the Website. I remembered that I read that “One can do a maximum of two Beginner Tasks”. So I choose Beginner from the Side Bar.

And then I found a task named

Learn about FOSSASIA Projects, Become a Member, Join Community Channels (FOSSASIA )

I was really want to get connected with new Open Source People. By the way, I thought that this task will be good for that. So I clicked the “Claim Task” button. I started reading the Objective. It was mentioned as

Please learn about FOSSASIA projects, join the community and share it on social media.

It suits my requirements. So I was really happy and proceeded to Requirements. What I found there are 9 Requirements, They are

  1. Join GitHub and become a member of FOSSASIA here.
  2. Subscribe to the FOSSASIA newsletter:
  3. Sign up to the FOSSASIA mailing list.
  4. Make your membership in the FOSSASIA org public and fill in our contributors’ form.
  5. Check out FOSSASIA projects on GitHub and learn how to star repositories on Github here. Starring helps you to find repositories again later.
  6. Star five of your favorite projects, e.g. Open EventSUSI.AISUSI AndroidPhimp.meSUSI ChatMeilixYaydocSusperSkills CMSPSLab.
  7. Login to with your GitHub account and join the community chat channel at
  8. Follow us on at least four social media channels, e.g. a) Google+, b) Twitter, c) Facebook, d) SUSI FB, e) Vkontakte, f) YouTube, g) Linkedin, h) Linkedin Group, i) Twitter HP j) Twitter MB.
  9. Tweet about joining the community on Twitter or make a post on social media like Facebook e.g. with an image of you in front of the PC or some other “nick” image presentation you’d like to share, e.g. “Joining #OpenSource community @FOSSASIA during #Code-In @hpdang @mariobehling“.

I was very happy after reading this and finally, the Expected Outcome was

  • You are a public member of the community
  • You starred repositories
  • You published a tweet or message on social media

Everything suited me. So I started to proceed according to that. Did Step by Step.

I claimed the Task at 10.44 PM. I thought that I did everything within few minutes. So I sent for approval. Then I got a reply from the Mentor saying that “Please provide screenshots and a link to your tweet here that show you have finished this task”. Then I sent my tweet link along with the Screenshots.

Then the Reply I got from the Mentor is “Task approved — Waiting for Google review of parental consent”. I was like flying as I completed my first ever task with GCI and Fossasia.

Then Finally with the Approval of Parental Consent, I completed the task successfully.


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