Interview with Isuru Abeywardana – A Long Time Contributor

Me – Hi Brother, Where are you from?

Contributor – hello, how are you? I’m from Colombo, Sri Lanka

Me – I am fine and I wanna ask you few questions regarding Open Source. Are you ready?

Contributor – yeah, sure

Me – First Question, Which organization do you work for and for how long have you been doing it?

Contributor – I’m an active committer for 1 year and I contribute to FOSSASIA. Previously I have contributed few other open source projects

Me-Wow! So, what does Open Source mean to you?

Contributor – open source means freedom, awesomeness. the best thing about open source is its community and way they deal with each other and way they learn from each other and teach each other.

Me – Nice to Hear, What do you think about Fossasia?

Contributor – FOSSASIA is a good place to contribute as a beginner because It has a good number of active contributors to teach you if you got any problem, error or doubt.

Me – Oh Cool. So Have you won any Awards or Gifts for your Contributions? If Yes Please share few of them with me.

Contributor – I have completed Google Summer of Code 2017 under FOSSASIA. I contributed to project within that program period. I’m working for FOSSASIA as GCI mentor. the biggest gift I have won is reputation as a FOSS Contributor.

Me-Wow! How do you feel when Mentoring? Anything you wanna say to the GCI Participants?

Contributor – This is the first time I work for FOSSASIA as a GCI mentor. It is really pleasured to be a mentor for this much of talented students and help them to understand the flow of development and git operations and stuff.

Me – Final Question, Anything you wanna share with me or with the FOSS Community?

Contributor – as a Google Code-In student you have completed a number of tasks and all GCI students have contributed to Open source successfully. Don’t stop your contributions after this contest. contribute to open source further more and share your knowledge and experiences with the community.

Me – Cool. Thank You for your Encouraging Words. Well nice to have a chat with you Brother. Thanks Again

Contributor – Thank you for interviewing me. It is pleasure to have a chat with you!


Google Code-In student website (



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