Interview with a Teacher

Me – What’s your name and Where are you from?
Teacher – Dilhani Fernando, From Kandy Sri Lanka
Me – Which Institution are you working?
Teacher – K/St. Anthony’s College – Kandy
Me – What’s your post on the Institution?
Teacher – Subject Teacher – ICT
Me – How do you know about the Google Code-In?
Teacher – From Naveen Rajan
Me – What do you think about GCI?
Teacher – A standard competition
Me – What do you know about Fossasia and What do you think about it?
Teacher – Developing Open Source Software and Hardware to improve people’s lives. Solutions for Event Management, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Design Thinking and Free Knowledge.
Timely need.
Me – Anything You want to share with the GCI contestants?
Teacher – Participate in dedication and commitment but balance all work.
Google Code-In student website (

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