Interview with Harshit Prasad – A Long Time Contributor

Me – Hi, What is your name and Where are you from?

Contributor – Hi Naveen! I’m Harshit. I’m from Jaipur, India.

Me – Oh Great, I wanna ask you some Questions regarding Open Source. Are you Ready?

Contributor – Yes sure. : )

Me – First Question, Which organization do you work for and for how long have you been doing it?

Contributor – I work for FOSSASIA organization and have been working from 1 year.

Me – Wow! So, what does Open Source mean to you?

Contributor – Open source or free software is about being open to ideas and implementing them. The freedom to own the technology, twist it, turn it, modify it and make it work exactly as you need is the best thing for business.

Me – Nice to Hear, What do you think about Fossasia?

Contributor – FOSSASIA is an open source community. The best thing I like about FOSSASIA is: student-to-student interaction. Here people from worldwide contribute in various projects with the help of each other. For me, it’s been 1 year in the organization and along with the work I have created some new friends as well. FOSSASIA provides an opportunity to express yourself and show-off your skills.

Me – I totally Agree with you. So Have you won any Awards or Gifts for your Contributions? If Yes Please share few of them with me.

Contributor – Yes, I have gained a lot of knowledge and skills as gift from FOSSASIA which will help me in my future career. I have won an award of completing Google Summer Of Code 2017 with FOSSASIA. The project which I worked upon was Susper. It was great experience for me working with co-developers and mentors.
And now currently I’m mentoring pre-university students in GCI and Codeheat participants from various universities.

Me – Wow! How do you feel when Mentoring? Anything you wanna say to the GCI and Codeheat Participants?

Contributor – Yes. I would like to say participants: Don’t participate for winning. Participate to learn and make new friends which will help you further in future. : )
Don’t get disheartened if mentors scold you. They only do it for your benefit only. : )
Don’t get demotivated if you’re unable to solve any issue. Ask for help. Don’t hesitate.
Respect your mentors and your colleagues. They might help you in long-term. Who knows!

Me – Really Great Message to the Contestants. Final Question, Anything you wanna share with me or with the FOSS Community?

Contributor – I think I have covered everything. But some points are to be highlighted which matters a lot in a FOSS community. If you’re interested in any project contribution- always first go through the readme file. If stuck somewhere, stackoverflow your problem. If still problem persist, introduce yourself in community and ask for help. Avoid capitals and arguments. Mentors are also human. Give them some time to reply you back. They will surely help. : )
Thanks for the interview! It was a great experience talking to you.

Me – Cool. Thank You for Encouraging Words. Well nice to have a chat with you Brother. Thank You

Contributor – Cool 🙂


Google Code-In student website (



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