Interview with a GCI Participant

R- good morning, so Navin thamindu can you tell me where are you from?

n-Good morning. I’m from Kandy. Kandy, Sri Lanka.

r- Right. How old are you?

n- I’m 16.

r- Where do you go to school? What are your subjects? Are you Homeschooled?

n- I’m a student at Dharmaraja College, Kandy. I’m doing A/Ls in Combined Mathematics. I’m not homeschooled by the way.

r- Good. How did you found Google Code-in?

n- One of my friends told me. First I was hesitated to participate as I didn’t have a huge amount of programming skills. But ultimately I decided to join!

r- So, you aren’t fluent in programming. Tell me about how you survived the Google Code-in?

n- Well, actually I’m a tech geek who doesn’t do that much of programming. I would call myself a motion graphic artist, animator, graphic designer, iOT developer and a Robot designer. So I know IT terms and technologies. Also, I learned some open source and Linux a few years back. So surviving wasn’t that much hard.

r- Cool, with what did you put the first step at Google Code-in?

n- Mmm… I started with installing Ubuntu 17. So I got a chance enjoy my vacation with an emotion brewed with modernity and nostalgia.

(Navin has some experience with Ubuntu 12.04 back in 2012)

r- What do you plan to do in next 5 weeks?

n- I thought of doing the Ubuntu’s, Haiku’s and FOSSASIA’s tasks. I saw that there are design tasks by Drupal and LibreHealth. I’m interested in them too. After I complete those tasks I’ll proceed to other tasks which I haven’t viewed yet.

r- Navin, do you use open source?

n- Of course I do. Mainly I’m huge fan of Mozilla. –Mozilla Firefox!. I use GIMP too. I do quick edits with it. Also audacity. The most powerful, lightest and easiest audio software out there. And of course VLC. I use it nearly every day to do presentations at our school. And open office too. Some friends of mine use it as their primary document and spreadsheet editor.

r- Awesome, Whats your opinion on this event?

n- Actually, This event is very good. This is a catalyst for the young to become future programmers. Even a one who doesn’t know about programming can involve and learn a lot. Programming is an essential skill these days.

r- Okay Navin Thamindu, Thanks for participating my interview. We’ll meet again.

n- Oh, right. You’re welcome, my friend.

Fossasia –

GCI 17 –



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